Magalie Hérédia- Atelier à Dorer (Epinouze)Magalie Hérédia- Atelier à Dorer (Epinouze)
©Magalie Hérédia- Atelier à Dorer (Epinouze)|M. Heredia
Land of artists

Craftsmen and artists

Artists, craftsmen, artisans … they are all people who move forward, live and create through dreams. They live from their passion through their creations that they regularly exhibit in their workshop or during temporary exhibitions here or in France.

A place of exhibition


At La Maison d’en face in Hauterives, Pascale exhibits and sells the creations of local and regional artists. She selects them with passion and showcases them in her store ideally placed in front of the tomb of the facteur Cheval.
The + of the place: a warm welcome and a small intimate tea room.