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100% nature activity

Walking at horse pace

Riding on horseback

The Drôme des collines on horseback: it’s paradise! Around the Ideal Palace of the Postman Cheval, the landscape is hilly; which means you can have fun with ups and downs, alternating with plains and plateaus. The view from the back of a horse is special: you dominate and contemplate the view of the Vercors, the Ardeche and the Isere nearby.


the Drôme des collines

It will be an alternation of trails in riverbanks, in fields, in the forest and over dales. Horses and riders love these styles of horseback riding because there is never a dull moment. They enjoy the diversity and different difficulties of the landscapes. Each at their own pace but always in osmosis with the horse. Horseback riding in the middle of nature is a really good time!

Pleasant passages

in the river

In the middle of the day, a paddle in the water and everyone is happy! The horses can cool off and drink and the riders can wet their necks or have a water fight to cool off. It’s a relaxing moment for everyone, especially in the summer, if the weather is hot.

Equestrian centers

to accompany you

To have the chance to ride the trails of the Drôme des Collines on horseback and be well accompanied, don’t hesitate to ask for the dates of courses or rides organized by equestrian centers. Get in touch with La Ferme équestre des collines in Anneyron or the Palais du Poney in Hauterives (Tersanne).

If you just want to have a good time with ponies, it’s at Magalie’s farm in Châteauneuf-de-Galaure that you should go (visit the farm and take a little pony ride during the vacations) or at Locanimo in Hauterives (July/August).

PhotographerThe 27.07.2021. Horseback riding in Drôme des collines © Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin
©The 27.07.2021. Horseback riding in Drôme des collines © Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin

These horse rides are so pleasant. We discover new landscapes: the Drôme des Collines is so beautiful on horseback. You can trot on sandy paths, pass in the Galaure river or overhang the hills and admire the Vercors in the distance. A real feeling of freedom! We never get tired of it with Tornado.

Charline and Tornado, July 2021