farniente and swimming pool in Porte de DrômArdèchefarniente and swimming pool in Porte de DrômArdèche
©farniente and swimming pool in Porte de DrômArdèche|Patrick Gardin
We take it easy

Enjoying the waterfront

Swimming, fishing, cruising, sunbathing and games at the water’s edge in Porte de DrômArdèche, around the ideal Palace of the Factor Cheval. You can swim in a pool or in a lake, fish in the river or in the Rhone, take mini cruises… Our destination gives a lot of importance to these water points which make your stay a successful one!

Water: a resource to be preserved

Water is a precious asset for nature, for humans and for the balance of the landscape.
At the edges of rivers, during your walks or picnics, remember not to leave any waste after your passage. You can even pick up the ones you find and throw them away (if you have a bag with you).
We are sensitive to this resource and the tourist actors of the territory are committed to a responsible tourism approach with actions for the preservation of the water resource in quality and quantity .

The good idea!

Get out, breathe, bubble

Let yourself be carried away, return to your roots, have fun and relax by the pool. A little stay with bubbles? Champagne bubbles, spa bubbles, bubbles under the stars… Take advantage of our nature by walking on paths in the middle of the Drôme hills and Ardèche plateaus.