Ideal palace of the horse factor - Hauterives (Drôme)Ideal palace of the horse factor - Hauterives (Drôme)
©Ideal palace of the horse factor - Hauterives (Drôme)|Frédéric Jouhanin
A must-see site

Postman Cheval Ideal Palace

“One man’s work” Ferdinand Cheval.
The ideal palace is a must-see site in the Drôme and even in France. Second favorite monument of the French, this masterpiece classified as a historical monument by Malraux in 1969 can be admired as much alone, as a couple or as a family. By visiting the ideal palace, you will enter a magical universe for some, magical for others or completely unrealistic. Extend your experience with other activities and discoveries around Hauterives.

Meeting with the letter carrier

A character with a strong character that nothing stopped in his project.
33 years of obstinacy to realize and build his dream.

Discovering the ideal palace

A whole universe around the ideal palace and its history: a universe for young and old to dream even more.
The reservation is strongly advised to guarantee your visit. Admission tickets can be booked online directly on the Ideal Palace website.

Focus on our Explor Game®.

Do you like the magical and fantastic universe of the Postman Cheval?
Extend your immersion in his world by playing our Explor Game® “Quest for Giants” with your family! Your mission: help Alice, the letter carrier’s granddaughter, to save the palace!

The good idea!

The letter carrier's round

To really slip into the shoes of this extraordinary letter carrier, walk the roads of the Drôme countryside around Hauterives. Admire, just like the letter carrier during his rounds, the hills of the Drôme, the forests and the landscapes of a very quiet countryside. Two possibilities are offered to you: in electric scooters or in a hot air balloon!

I still enjoy it

Don’t just visit the palace! Do other activities at less than 10 km from Hauterives. To be planned after or before your visit of the ideal Palace. To extend your stay by an hour, a day or several nights.