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©Hiking in Sarras (Ardèche)|Sylvain Bridot
Walking in the fresh air

Routes and circuits

Porte de DrômArdèche is a land of predilection for all outdoor activities. Difficult to decide in front of so many circuits to take on foot, mountain bike, bicycle... Find here all our circuits, there is inevitably one made for you, whatever the difficulty: from green for families with little ones to black for the great sportsmen!

Breathtaking landscapes

Reconnect with the earth, stroll along the trails on foot, alone, in pairs, with family or friends… simple walker or true adventurer like Robinson Crusoe, the multiplicity of our landscapes gives free rein to your most perched dreams! A return to nature that does good to your mind and body, frees your senses.

The good idea!

Inspired escapes

Let yourself be carried away, return to your roots. Great hike (GR), GR de pays (GRP),… from the family route to the more committed ones, our “Escapes” that we have drawn for you, will guide you for a total let-go! Our paths are waiting for you, come and stroll and take a bowl of nature!