View from the Tower of Albon (Drôme)View from the Tower of Albon (Drôme)
©View from the Tower of Albon (Drôme)|OT Porte de DrômArdèche / JB

Our best views

to take in the sights

The multiplicity of our landscapes gives free rein to your most perched dreams!
A return to nature that does your mind and body good, and frees your senses.

Go upstairs

you will see far

And yes, to have a beautiful view… you have to go up, it’s not a secret.
Some viewpoints are easily accessible

  • on the heights of Sarras
  • the Tower of Albon
  • from the village of Grand-Serre
  • from the village of Saint-Avit
  • from the chapel of Sainte-Euphémie in Saint-Uze

What’s for sure is that you won’t be disappointed with the panoramic view you’ll have at the top.
Blow, admire and photograph!

We can see

the Drôme & the Ardèche

at the same time

And yes, the Drôme and the Ardèche are only separated by our beautiful river, the Rhône. Two departments so close and so different in terms of landscapes.

In Ardèche, hillside landscapes (where our Saint-Joseph grapes mature) while on the Drôme side, we will be more on plains and hills.

Move away a bit on the Drôme side, to admire the Ardeche right across the street and vice versa. Like here on the route of the randonnée des 3 Croix in Andance.

the nature

good for your health

Contact with nature promotes our physical and psychological well-being.
Nature heals our ailments, improves our cognitive abilities and develops our physical well-being.

Landscapes + natural scents + pure air + calm + silence = guaranteed renewal



Find the nuggets of our territory and share them on your social networks. For a great photo on Instagram:

  • wait for the right time of day (sunrise or sunset)
  • choose the right angle of view
  • add the right filter (or not)
  • use the right hashtags
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geological curiosity

The panoramic parade

of Saint-Vallier

6 million years ago, following an earthquake, the Mediterranean Sea was cut off from the Atlantic Ocean. The drop in the level of the Mediterranean and the formation of the Alps will create an extremely powerful river, which will dig the Saint Vallier gorge to a depth of 400m.

Following a new earthquake, the Mediterranean Sea takes back its place and fills the Saint Vallier gorge.