Terraces of Saint-Joseph in Sarras (Ardèche)Terraces of Saint-Joseph in Sarras (Ardèche)
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The vineyards

of Saint Joseph

Saint-Joseph is a Côtes du Rhône Septentrionales wine, located in the north of the Ardèche department, on the slopes of the right bank of the Rhône.

5 things to know about

the Saint-Joseph

To be untethered and shine in society

#1an AOC

Saint-Joseph has been classified as an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) since 1956.

#2an old story

Saint-Joseph dates back to antiquity.
In the 9th century, Charlemagne discovered and appreciated this wine, which was later served on royal tables.

#3a defined territory

The appellation extends over about fifty kilometers on the right bank of the Rhône. It stretches over 26 communes along the Ardèche and the Loire.

#43 grape varieties

The syrah for the red Saint-Josephs.
The marsanne and roussanne for white Saint-Joseph and sometimes in small quantities for red Saint-Joseph.

#5a particular terroir

a granitic soil.
a moderate continental climate.
a south and southeast exposure

Already consumed

in Roman times

The beginning of vine cultivation there dates back at least to the period of the Roman occupation, between 124 BC and 61 BC. In the Middle Ages, the wines of “Saint-Joseph” were known as “Mauves wines”. Over time, this wine found its way onto the most great royal tables from Russia to France. It was even cited by Victor Hugo in Les Misérables! Since then, his worldwide fame has continued to grow.

Beautiful agreements

food and wine

In order not to make a mistake, always match a wine with local products from the same area.

As an aperitif, we suggest a side dish of wild boar terrine, small caillettes or pâté de campagne.
As an appetizer, with Provençal-style chard or Romans ravioli.
For dishes, a red meat will balance the spices and the power of the wine.
For the cheese, a Picodon, a good Saint-Félicien or a flowing Saint-Marcellin



Each winegrower works his plots without counting, pampers his vines whatever the weather, accompanies the ripening of the bunches until the crucial moment of the harvest.

The cooperative cellar of Saint-Désirat and one of the main producers of Saint-Joseph. Regularly awarded, its wines are also honored in Lyon’s bouchons. It welcomes you in its ultra-modern tasting cellar in Sarras and in its wine house in Champagne.

Also meet the demanding and endearing independent winemakers.

I discover

the Saint Joseph otherwise

The Saint-Joseph wine can be tasted in the cellars, but also during guided walks for example. You can also walk in the middle of the vineyards to better understand its terroir.