Gastronomy in Porte de DrômArdècheGastronomy in Porte de DrômArdèche
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for a gustatory journey


Sharpen your taste buds and dream of new flavors! Discovering new flavors on vacation is also part of travel. These new flavors and smells will stay in your memory just like a walk with a panoramic view or an unusual visit.

Eating well

eat organic

We eat three times a day and every day! We might as well do it healthy and with pleasure. On vacation, we take more time to eat, cook and shop with our family. Take advantage of it! At our place, eating well is a matter of course with all our good local organic or sustainable agriculture products. Many organic products are grown all year round. The Drôme is moreover the 1st organic department in France.

Gastronomic stay

If you want to treat yourself, make the most of it. Take advantage of our all-inclusive gourmet stays: visits, restaurants, accommodations… These stays will allow you, according to the season, to discover new flavors: chestnuts, truffles, snails, pears… Perfect for fine palates!

A basket of goodies

local and gourmet

With a gift basket, it’s sure to please (and please yourself)!
It’s a great souvenir to take home or give as a gift.
Garnish it as much as you like with our flagship products sold at the tourism office in Hauterives: walnut cream, Saint-Joseph, honey, pear or apple juice, local beers, walnut oil….

Valley of gastronomy


A gourmet journey from Dijon to Marseille via Porte de DrômArdèche. Taste, discover and enjoy gourmet offers and remarkable experiences all along the Rhone Valley.


Offers and ideas all year long: markets, animations, gourmet stays… Gastronomy through the seasons.

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The right agreement

Food and wine

It is necessary to know how to associate the products between them for a better tasting. “Food and wine” pairings are important. The best thing to do is to ask for advice from the winemakers or the cooperative winery where you buy your St. Josephs. And at the restaurant, the sommelier or the restaurateur himself are there to suggest the best pairing. They meticulously choose their bottles based on their menu.