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The hikes

Smell, vibrate to the rhythms of our balads and escapades, it’s simple: lace up your shoes and follow the path. In Porte de DrômArdèche, we are rich in simple walks accessible to all. 450 km of paths to allow you to reconnect with Nature. Trees, rivers, fields, streams, rivers, hills…

One, two, three

We'll go to the woods

Our territory is full of beautiful walks in the forest and undergrowth, simple and accessible … some of our beautiful escapes to inspire you:

  • The pebble river: a peaceful little walk along the river and in the undergrowth in the Galaure valley.
  • The forest of Mantaille: a hike alternating paths in undergrowth, very cool in summer, and simple paths.
  • The big 8 in Ozon: more demanding, this hike between the Rhone and the small mountain is ideal for discovering the landscapes of the northern Ardèche.

Live this experience

but also

bike rides

Cycling also allows you to connect with nature in a different way and our paths are perfect for that! You can ride your mountain bike or your bicycle to discover landscapes as diverse as they are varied: sandy, stony or road paths. The pleasure of two wheels to go further…

Bike ridesBike rides

Nature gives us

let's have fun

Do you know land art?
Create in all simplicity: the zero waste creation that frees our creativity. Like the letter carrier Cheval, you can collect what nature gives us along your walks to create.
It’s simple and accessible to all. Create with nature, admire and let your work evolve in the eyes of the next walkers.

an app for

let yourself be guided

Let yourself be carried away, return to your roots. From the family route to the more committed ones, our “escapes” traced for you, guide you for a total let-go! Our paths are waiting for you, come and stroll and take a bowl of nature!


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We have fun

while hiking

To spice up the hike in the vineyards of Sarras, discover our interactive treasure hunt “The legend of Gilead, king of Sarras”. Two hikes (a short one and a longer one) where sporting activities and riddles are mixed along the way.
It’s fun!

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