PhotographerThe 27.07.2021. Nature and stroll around the Galaure in the Drôme des collines. Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin
©The 27.07.2021. Nature and stroll around the Galaure in the Drôme des collines. Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin|© Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin

Eco-responsible destination


We are all committed together to a more responsible tourism that respects our environment around the Ideal Palace of the Postman Cheval. We want a green and reasonable tourism in line with our convictions.


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We are committed to

With simple but concrete actions, we are actors and decision-makers of our actions and our environmental, economic and societal impact.

A green destination

with a nature to respect

Nature is omnipresent in our landscapes of hills and hillsides.
Here you can enjoy outdoor activities without impacting the environment. During a walk, take the opportunity to discover our landscapes but why not also compile waste (remember to leave with a collection bag and gloves): it’s eco-rando! Simple and effortless, we just walk around and clean up.

All together

in sustainable tourism

The tourism professionals who have signed the charter of the tourist office are committed to being attentive to their living and working environment. They wish to preserve, improve and enhance them through simple but concrete gestures. Other actors go further by turning to labels or certifications such as:
the AB label (organic agriculture), HVE (high environmental value), Made in France or other labels.

Our charter of commitment

A charter that allows local tourism actors to commit to the ecological transition and enhance the eco-responsible nature of their activity: accommodation, visitor sites, leisure sites, restaurants….
Concrete actions are set up. Such as rainwater harvesters to water plants, reasonable portions in restaurants, selective sorting bins, compost accessible to tourists…

The good idea!

low-carbon activities

Professionals are committed to a more environmentally friendly tourism but you too can choose activities that have little impact: a hike, shopping at the market, eating locally… We guide you in your choices.


nature and responsible

Be active and participate in events related to nature, well-being and local products….