Pear of the Valloire (Drôme)Pear of the Valloire (Drôme)
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The pear of the Valloire

Porte de DrômArdèche is the capital of the pear. The pear orchards are located around Moras-en-Valloire, Saint-Sorlin-en-Valloire and Anneyron. The pear is a late summer, autumn and winter fruit with a mild, sweet flavor that also goes well with savory dishes.

why choose

The pear of the Valloire ?

4 good reasons to eat pears from Valloire orchards

#1Good for your health

It is rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. Interesting content in vitamin C and it favors the cardiovascular health as well as the transit.

#2A bi-centennial culture

In the 1860s, pear trees replaced the vines affected by phylloxera (a disease). In 1930, the pear experienced a real boom.

#3The pear festival

Every 2 years, in Moras-en-Valloire, the pear is honored all day in the streets of the village. Direct sale of the producers, brotherhood of the pear, tastings, animations… Next edition on September 18, 2022.

#4A local culture

Almost 20 varieties of pears are present on the territory. A local fruit to be bought directly at the markets and from the producers.

It's beautiful!

perfect geometry

Valloire is the cradle of pear production in the Drôme since the 19th century. In 200 years, pear trees have gradually replaced vines and pastures. The arboriculturists specialized, developing a range of varieties and trellising techniques that have since shaped the landscape: trellised cultivation.

Focus on...

Stroll through the orchards and take a break at the Chosson hut in Moras-en-Valloire. Made available by its owner and renovated by the association “Site Remarquable du Goût”, the building now hosts an exhibition on the profession of arboriculturist of the Valloire. It is open every day and in free access.

M’y rendre

Remarkable orchards

The pear makes its show on TV! When we tell you that our land is remarkable!

La poire de la Valloire - jeudi 26 septembre 2013
La poire de la Valloire - jeudi 26 septembre 2013
La poire de la Valloire - jeudi 26 septembre 2013