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Feast on local recipes


Lands of dreams and gastronomy, here you can taste everything. Drôme and Ardéchoise cuisine is rich and simple at the same time: goat cheeses, charcuterie, fruits. It’s a local cuisine that can be enjoyed at restaurants but can easily be made again at home… provided you have the right basic ingredients.

Sweet recipes

The sweet recipes are often based on fruits because the Rhone Valley is rich in orchards: apricots, peaches, pears, apples… We can easily make jams, clafoutis, fruit tarts. Without forgetting our brioche specialities like the Pogne de Romans or the St Genix (with pralines).

Savoury recipes

Our savory recipes are easy and convivial: gratin dauphinois, caillettes (drômoises and ardéchoises), and simple dishes based on cold cuts and pâtés, tripe and gueuses… Without forgetting the ravioles to be tasted in gratin, in salad or simply in the broth.

Anti-waste ideas

The best anti-waste recipes with fruit are of course compotes and jams!
A good apricot jam with ripe fruit… a treat to be eaten morning, noon and night without moderation on a good slice of toast (day-old bread to put in the toaster)!

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the base:

buy good products

To prepare good recipes, you must first buy good seasonal and local products. Go to the markets or directly to our producers…
If you don’t like to cook, there are still restaurants that offer local menus!