Exhibition at the Facteur Cheval - © Creation Bernard PrasExhibition at the Facteur Cheval - © Creation Bernard Pras
©Exhibition at the Facteur Cheval - © Creation Bernard Pras|Lionel PASCALE
Living the life of an artist

Artists’s portraits

In Porte de Dromardèche, artists are therefore everywhere: in cooking, in oenology, in nature, in music, in humor… They create beauty and we thank them for what they bring us: joy, happiness and a little escape.


in all universes

Find your favorite artist: the one who will make you dream and escape. Each in their own discipline, they create their works… see their masterpieces. The cook will have his signature dish, the artist his painting, the brewer his favorite beer, the architect his monument…

A local artist


Our most famous artist is of course the letter carrier Cheval, builder of the Ideal Palace in Hauterives.
A postman-artist who proves that if you believe in your dreams and fight to make them come true, you can build real masterpieces.