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Let yourself be inspiredin Porte de DrômArdèche

On the road to the arts

In the land of the “facteur Cheval”, a great dreamer and artist, what could be more natural than to be inspired! Artists with multiple talents: sculptors, ceramists, painters, jewelry designers … are installed near the Ideal Palace. They feel the good vibes and are inspired by this model of determination, very inspiring for all.


dream and art

Are all artists dreamers? Do you have to be a good dreamer to be an artist? Does dreaming lead to creation? Ask any of our artists! they will certainly answer yes. The dream holds a great place in the life of everyone and especially of the artists who manage to put into shape what they have in their heads, in their dreams, even the craziest. Here, dreams and art live together every day!

Visit the

Workshops & Shops

open to all

Some creative places are rather confidential when others are open to the public. Visiting an artist’s studio is also to better understand the creator: we see his environment, his tools and his inspirations.
A few artists have made this choice to give tours:
– The temple of femininity at Grand-Serre
– The pottery of angels in Andance
And stores:
La P’tite boutique in Beausemblant
Joliment Tendance in Châteauneuf-de-Galaure
Le vintage du facteur and La Maison d’en face in Hauterives

Become an artist!

Courses and/or internships all year round

Have you always dreamed of learning to draw, model, sculpt or paint? Make your dream come true by taking courses all year long or by choosing a training course. You have the choice of materials for your learning: canvas, clay, paper…
Drawing and pottery classes possible all year long at the Pottery of Angels in Andance or at the Gilding Workshop (drawing) in Epinouze.
– One-day workshop to create your unique origami earrings at Joliment Tendance in Châteauneuf-de-Galaure or pottery workshop at La Maison de la Céramique in Saint-Uze.

Your creative soul may awaken and change your state of mind. Creation often leads to happiness as it is an accomplishment for some, a therapy for others. Go for it!

Temporary and permanent exhibitions

There are exhibitions all year round in Porte de DrômArdèche.
Permanent exhibitions that can be visited year-round, such as at the Maison de la céramique that traces the history of ceramics in the region.
But also, collectibles like the famous Bleus de Saint-Uze… Also visit all year round the sites and temporary exhibitions in our museums, events, fairs… of local or internationally renowned artists (e.g. Agnés Varda at the Palais Idéal in 2022).

Organize your tour

on the road to the arts

Permanent exhibition spaces

A selection of restaurants around the exhibition sites

Sleep in an unusual accommodation