Tour d'Albon (Drôme)Tour d'Albon (Drôme)
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The remains of castles

Remains of castles in Porte de DrômArdèche: the towers. Tour d’Albon, tour d’Arras/Rhône and even tour de Ratières (private) are part of our landscape. We go up to the towers to admire the landscape or we pass there during walks.

All up

The towers dominate the landscape and the land around them on their motte castrale. A strategic position: they dominate to watch the surroundings! In the past, true lookouts, the guards posted themselves at the towers to watch over the valley and protect the territory from invaders.

The Albon Tower

Cradle of the Dauphiné

The Tour d’Albon is all that remains of a medieval complex that consisted of a chapel, a palatial building and outbuildings. By building such a castle, the counts of Albon were establishing their power and demonstrating their authority over what would become the Dauphiné.

The tower offers magnificent views of the Rhone Valley and the hillsides of the Ardèche and offers an educational tour through the ruins of the castle.

Incredible views

Today, we visit the ruins of the towers for the history but also to discover great views! From the tower of Arras/Rhône, you can admire the Rhône, the dam and the vineyards all around. From the tower of Albon, you can contemplate the Rhone Valley, the Ardèche and even the Pilat a little further.

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I love going to the Albon Tower with my kids. The access is easy and especially, there are all the panels that explain the history of the place with drawings to understand well. It is very well done. You can also go inside the tower. It’s great. It’s often very windy, but you have to be well equipped!

Pascaline, 10/09/2021

We tell you everything

  • How easy is it to climb these towers?

    To go to the Albon tower, you can get close enough by car and then you have to walk a little and then climb the hill.

    To go to the tower of Arras/Rhône, park in the village and follow the arrows to go up to the tower (15 min easy walk).

  • Is it free to access?

    Yes, the towers are free to use all year round. Thank you for respecting the site.

  • What can we see from above?

    You will be able to admire the landscape which offers itself in front of you: the Valley of the Rhone, the Rhone, the slopes of saint-Joseph…
    At the foot of the two towers, panels of reading of the landscape or historical are installed.