Family Palace Ideal ModeledepageFamily Palace Ideal Modeledepage
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Visit of the ideal palace in family

An incredible family visit

The Ideal Palace can be visited by all ages: each one with his own eyes, sees different details. Some see the animals, others prefer to admire the inlaid shells while others prefer to read the philosophical thoughts of the letter carrier Cheval.
Children and adults can wander freely around, in and on the Ideal Palace to the rhythm of their discoveries. Hundreds of small treasures are to be discovered on the facades, on the terrace or in the gallery.

Discovery booklets

for children

An ideal place to visit with children. As soon as they enter, they receive a booklet for a playful and recreational visit of the site.
Two documents are proposed:
* For children from 3 years old, a playful imagier is offered. With their small eyes and their small sizes, the little ones will have to look for, on the various facades various “illustrations” or object, as for example, an ostrich, the wheelbarrow of the letter carrier…
* For the older children from 8 years old, a quiz is offered. While discovering the different facades, the children will be able to answer questions, riddles, games of differences….

We can touch!

“Here, it is forbidden to touch anything”. This quote from the letter carrier greets you at the bottom of the stairs that you can use to climb to the top of the building!

Don’t hesitate to go up to the terrace, touch the stumbling block, stroll in the gallery … this palace of stones and concrete is to be looked at as much from far as from very close. Incredible details when approaching, unique sensations when touching. We see and feel the work of shaping the factor, we imagine his fingers knead the forms and characters.

Everything is in the detail.

Hidden treasures:

The birds

Le facteur Cheval has scattered his work with several birds’ nests, a very subtle and almost invisible presence that is pure poetry when one pays attention to it.

One of the first nests, a swallow’s nest, appears under a vault on the east façade near the letter carrier’s wheelbarrow. Several of them are found entangled in the trees that the letter carrier models on the gallery walls. Much less secret but just as poetic, everyone can admire the majestic bird that overhangs the peaks of the North façade. A little lower down, much more discreet, one can also see a small bird made of metal and not far from it this sentence of the letter carrier Cheval “he placed me in this charming palace where the swallow will return every spring”.

Ideal Palace of the Factor Cheval (Hauterives) DrômeIdeal Palace of the Factor Cheval (Hauterives) Drôme
©Ideal Palace of the Factor Cheval (Hauterives) Drôme
They are the ones who say it

To see with children !
Very beautiful place … a fairy palace for children …
We are transported by the imagination, a moment of extraordinary escape with children

Sylvie, August 2021.

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