The gorges of the Ay

typical landscape of the Ardèche

Picturesque route of the Ay river valley with its sharp cuts and magnificent gorges, bristling with large granite walls.


River and gorges

When we think of the Ardèche, we think of nature, of plateaus but also of winding roads and gorges. Here, it is not the gorges of the Ardèche, but a beautiful road which leaves Sarras and goes up to Ardoix.
Take a break at the roadside or on the bridges to admire the river below.
Some secret waterfalls decorate the route if you decide to go up the river a little…

Dip and Picnic

The children will enjoy soaking their feet in the river while the parents rest quietly in the shade of the trees, or play a nice game of pétanque on the landscaped ground.
A soothing and shady site to spend a good time in the middle of nature.

Be sure to respect the fauna and flora by throwing away your garbage cans located on the parking lot, by not damaging the trees and the river bed.

Idea for a walk

Béalières Trail

in family

Walk without difficulty, marked out and ludic which goes along the river of Ay on approximately 1 km. Go deeper into the gorges and discover the richness of the local fauna and flora. Walk at wolf’s pace for a better observation.
At your own pace, in the shade of the trees and at the foot of the Saint-Joseph vineyards, go up the river to reach small gours (chasms) and waterfalls.
Be careful, in summer, the current can be very weak and much stronger in winter.

The departure is from the parking lot of the river of Ay at the small bridge that you have to cross.

Try your hand at fishing

with trout

Course n°7 on the river of Ay: first category.
Enjoy a 1.5 km no-kill course, to tease fario or rainbow trout.
You will have to be dexterous with your fly rod to slip between the branches, find the water holes or remain discreet on the banks. The alternation of pools, riffles and very large boulders makes this a balanced and technical course.

Inquire at the fédération de pêche de l’Ardèche for more details and to buy your fishing card.

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