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Revol porcelainSaint-Uze

Revol Porcelain

Since 1768, the Revol company has been established in Saint-Uze (Drôme). This internationally renowned culinary porcelain factory is the pride of our region. It combines design, modernity and functionality. You will have the chance to discover their ranges in the factory shop located in the heart of the village of Saint-Uze.

Factory store


4 good reasons to shop at the Factory Store

#1Quality at the rdv

Revol works with natural raw materials. It is one of the only porcelain manufacturers in France and in the world to produce its own paste formulas.

#2Made in France

Based in Saint-Uze for 250 years, the company has chosen not to relocate its production.

#3Factory prices

Prices on previous collections, second choice and lots. Great deals for sure!

#4environmentally conscious company

100% of the water used is recycled. Revol has set up an eco-responsible plan for its entire site.

since 1768

A family history

There are 9 generations who have succeeded each other since 1768 at the head of the Revol house to keep the heritage and the history of the company alive.
Currently managed by Olivier Passot (descendant of the family), the Revol house continues and develops its activity in the heart of the Drôme, in its historical factory, proud of its men and its trades that the factory knows how to perpetuate (we work at Revol from generation to generation).

L'histoire de la Manufacture Familiale Revol
L'histoire de la Manufacture Familiale Revol
L'histoire de la Manufacture Familiale Revol

The factory outlet

in Saint-Uze

With its new Yli collection, the Revol factory shows its respect for traditional craftsmanship in a new light. Reconnecting with the earth, with history, porcelain fully reveals its raw, moving and primitive character.

Discover all the collections at the Revol factory store as well as kitchenware, including the famous “Froissés”.

Good plan: find all year long many promotions.

Focus on

mythical pieces
The Blue of Saint-Uze

Piece to be found on good flea markets !
This fire porcelain is decorated with floral motifs (late 19th c and early 20th c)

The Ricard jar

It is the icon of French bars! Revol has been making this piece since its original creation in the 1930s. The pot has been modernized lately and it is still Revol that has taken up the challenge with the Studio 5.5


On the big tables

The greatest chefs in the world prepare their dishes in Revol’s pieces. The modern design of the plates and dishes highlight their products and creations. Régis Marcon, 3-star chef in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid in the Haute-Loire, is a faithful ambassador of the Revol brand for his flagship recipes based on mushrooms.