Enquête ludique à vélo le sortilège de la Via Fluvia et des berges du Rhône

Fun bike tour N°6: The spell of the Via Fluvia and the banks of the Rhône

Sport, Pedestrian sports, Hide and seek/treasure hunt in Champagne
15.0 km
  • Whether you're a budding investigator, a keen hiker or a Via Fluvia enthusiast, this game is for you! This treasure hunt will take you from Champagne to Serrière to discover the banks of the Rhône and the Via Fluvia.

  • An old grimoire was found during work on the Via Fluvia. It contains information about a spell that reconnects Man and Nature.
    During your journey, follow the booklet-game and solve the riddles to reconstitute the potion of lightness. It will be a great help to the spell!
    Download your booklet from our website or pick it up at the tourist office in Hauterives.