The commitments of the tourist office Porte de DrômardèchePorte Dromardeche HauterivesThe commitments of the tourist office Porte de Drômardèche
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Who are we?


Provides you with unexpected offers and services to better surprise you. All year long discover our services: Shop, online and on-site ticketing for new leisure activities, concerts, shows, original tours… To be followed on our website all year long

Our missions


Providing a personalized welcome and advice

Our reception team are experts of the territory who welcome, inform and advise visitors in a wise and personalized way on tourist, local and practical life treasures. The offers proposed by the tourist office are visible and promoted before, during and after the tourist stay on our brochures, our website and our social networks.

The Tourist Office

A local player

The Porte de DrômArdèche Tourist Office was created in 2014. Our organization, under the status of EPIC (Industrial and Commercial Public Establishment), provides various missions within the framework of an agreement of objectives with the Community of Municipalities Porte de DrômArdèche, our supervisory authority composed of 35 municipalities.

Our main missions

  • reception and information of visitors,
  • promotion of the destination
  • marketing of tourist services
  • observation of tourist activity, coordination of tourism actors.

The team of the Tourist Office welcomes French and foreign visitors all year round.

It provides them with personalized advice and expertise of the destination.

Our website is the essential gateway for tourists but also for locals to organize their stay in Porte de DrômArdèche.

Accompanying providers
and project holders

The qualification and knowledge of the tourist offer is essential and contributes to meet the expectations of customers and direct our professionals to labeling approaches: Home bike, bed and breakfast reference …)

The tourist office is also at the service of professionals and offers individualized services to its tourist partners: organization of thematic workshops, dedicated digital or paper communication supports, technical visits for the improvement of their activities. Find all the info for the territory’s professionals on our Pro space