Hot air balloon flight - ideal palaceHot air balloon flight - ideal palace
©Hot air balloon flight - ideal palace|Porte de DrômArdèche
A unique experience

Flying over the country of the factor Cheval


Hot air balloon flights over the Ideal Palace in Hauterives, the hills of the Drôme, but also the vineyards of saint-joseph in Ardèche and along the Rhône. An incredible experience that will leave you with lasting memories!

Make a childhood dream come true

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying… of soaring above a green landscape and tourist sites? The best time to fly is the sunrise or sunset: it’s magical! Let yourself be lulled by the air currents, admire the scenery below and feel the wind’s breath on your face. You are living a waking dream.

Fly over a wonderful country

of hills and slopes

This balloon will make you fly over the Drôme des Collines and the country of the factor Cheval around Hauterives. But also the Rhone and the Ardèche hillsides according to your departure point that you will have defined with the pilot.
We are sure that Postman Cheval would have loved to see his masterpiece from the sky. You, you have this crazy and unique chance.

Where the wind will carry you

The exciting thing about hot air ballooning is that you never really know (exactly) where you are going. You take off and let yourself be carried by the warm air currents. But one thing is sure, you will fly over magnificent landscapes:
* the Ideal Palace and the lands of the Postman Cheval for the flight “Around the Ideal Palace” (Moras-en-Valloire, Lens-Lestang, Hauterives…)
* the slopes of Saint Joseph, the Rhone and the Ardeche for the flight “From the slopes of Saint Joseph to the Rhone” (flights are planned)

Herve PortraitHerve Portrait
©Herve Portrait

I am looking forward to flying in Porte de DrômArdèche. We will fly over beautiful landscapes in Drôme des Collines and Ardèche Verte. I will be happy to welcome you in my 4/5 people gondola. The flights will be intimate and magical!

Hervé, your balloon pilot

Prepare your flight

Which sector to choose?
Rather the Drôme des Collines or the Ardèche hillsides?
Make your choice and take the opportunity to extend the adventure with an unusual night and a good restaurant!