Lamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-GalaureLamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-Galaure
©Lamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-Galaure|Lamas des plaines
Unusual meetinga llama farm

Meet llamas

An unusual discovery: lamas in Châteauneuf-de-Galaure 10 min from the Palais idéal of the facteur Cheval. Charlène and her team welcome you to her somewhat unusual farm. An unusual visit to make with your family.

An unforgettable visit

There are some visits that you don’t forget. Either because they transported you or because they touched you. Thelama visit of the plains is, without a doubt, one of them! A farm with exotic touches is discovered in Drôme des collines.

An almost intimate visit, in a setting of full nature where we learn a lot about the animal. Discovery of a particular world where respect and benevolence are fundamental.

So close to the llamas

in a VIP workshop

Charlène takes us to the heart of her farm and tells us her story. She shares with her audience the love she has for her animals, but also her daily life. You will then understand why llamas are so endearing and so social.

On the program: lama handling with a brushing session. Then a “agility” course where everyone from the age of 3, guides their llama on the tether, through the obstacles. A practice where complicity and sensations are at the rendez-vous.

Portrait of Charlene

Activities for all

all year round

There are workshops and activities for everyone at Lamas des Plaines. Charlene’s goal is to make you aware of animal mediation but also to offer you a different approach to llamas. She proposes to make you aware of the benefits of animal mediation, to introduce you to her animals during workshops, to transmit to train you, to share her passion and her values: well-being, ethics, sharing, respect, transmission and solidarity.

Lamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-GalaureLamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-Galaure
©Lamas of the plains in Châteuneuf-de-Galaure

I would have liked time to stop… I didn’t think I would be so conquered, yet I was charmed on the one hand by Charlène’s welcome and passion, but also by the llamas themselves. They are extraordinary animals. One of them even approached me to give me a kiss. Great moment! Very nice visit and a lot of emotions.

Céline, who tested a VIP workshop

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Choose your activity at Lamas des plaines: VIP workshop, guided tour, training, grooming workshop. All practical information below.