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Sleepin an unusual accommodation

Sleep in an unusual accommodation

Treat yourself to a magical moment for one or more nights in an atypical accommodation around the Ideal Palace. It’s usually a memorable experience. Which one will you choose? a bubble, an airstream caravan, a teepee, a perched tent, a trailer … ?

Glamping :
from the chic camping

It’s a contraction of camping and glamour: we are at the campsite but in an unusual accommodation and with the comfort of a “real” room. It is a very pleasant alternative for those who love nature and comfort.
Several campsites offer original accommodations.

A la Robinson Crusoe

You prefer to be in total harmony with nature, in a wilder setting? Home des Bois in Hauterives is the place to spend a few days of disconnection. Wooden cabins on the edge of a pond without electricity or water but with an incredible soothing and resourcing atmosphere.
You have to sleep there to feel all the good vibes, all the benefits of the place.

and perched tents?

Motionless travelers

around the Ideal Palace

Dream of elsewhere while staying on site. You can sleep in a roulotte and even a real Airstream caravan in Hauterives! These one or two night habitats stay on site but the change of scenery remains total.
To believe you’re in the savannah, sleep in an African lodge! The savannah, without the wild animals but with horses, ponies and rabbits…

Family in Hauterives© Patrick Gardin Porte de DrômArdèche 21/07/ 2018 Hauterives Drôme, France Hotel restaurant and trailers at the Relais in Hauterives .
©Family in Hauterives

We tested the trailers in Hauterives. A real caravan as on the road but which remains on the spot. Small terrace in front and green space around. One would believe oneself in a wooden doll’s house!
My daughter loved it … and us too!

Perrot family, conquered by the trailers !