Interactive game The Curse of the Great GreenhouseInteractive game The Curse of the Great Greenhouse
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Interactive scavenger hunt

family fun

It’s off to the adventure

We have fun with the family with interactive games around the Ideal Palace. It’s very simple and very playful and free: you download a free app on your smartphone, go to the game location and have fun. Discover the villages of Hauterives, of Grand-Serre or Manthes in a fun way. And even a playful visit to La Maison de la céramique in Saint-Uze. Thanks to these games, very good moments of joy, sharing with family or friends will be offered to you.

Free the village!

at the Grand-Serre

This interactive scavenger hunt “The Curse of the Great Greenhouse” is easily accessible to everyone from 5 years old. You will have to show great courage to save the inhabitants of the village!
“For many years now, a curse has fallen on this village that has remained frozen in medieval times. Every person who dares to enter it must act quickly if they want to emerge unscathed! Only a good knight can do it! Don’t panic, the clues as well as indications of how many meters you have left to go will be displayed throughout the game. It seems to me that you are ready, so put on your armor and save the village from this curse ”

Download and install the Baludik app for free on android or app store, geolocate yourself and let’s go for the adventure! You start at the entrance of the village in front of the big wooden sculpture of the deer! All the villagers are counting on you!

Save the Ideal Palace!

in Hauterives

An exciting Explor Game® in Hauterives: you must find the 3 giants who ran away from the Ideal Palace!
“Since 1912, the Ideal Palace of the factor Cheval crosses time thanks to the guard of the 3 giants and the presence of the stone of stumbling. But one morning, the stone mysteriously disappeared… ”
In the letter carrier’s family, a letter has been passed down for generations: on the envelope, it says: “Only open when giants escape.” Help Alice, the letter carrier’s descendant to solve the riddles and take on the challenges to save the Ideal Palace so that it does not collapse, the ride will last 2 hours. Don’t worry, you will be geo-located on a map to follow you and thus not get lost on the way. That’s it you’re ready to start the ride, Go!

It's fun and motivating

These interactive games are a huge hit with kids, both young and old!
We can challenge each other by making teams: parents/children, grandparents/grandchildren… This gives rhythm to the walk and the children walk and exercise without realizing it. No one drags their feet to do the few kilometers and sports challenges offered and, because the stakes are high: you will become a hero!

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It’s great as a family activity since everyone can participate, the older kids on the search for clues, and the little ones to find the cache. The kids are thrilled to participate and find a cache, they feel like they are living an adventure! it’s also a great way to use new technologies to discover the heritage.

Caroline, 08/06/2021