Viarhôna and family cycling in LaveyronViarhôna
©Viarhôna and family cycling in Laveyron|Sylvain Bridot

Spring break

we don't get bored!

Hiking to the holidays

We’re not going to be bored during spring break. The temperatures are mild, the good weather is here… a good time for outdoor activities. Without forgetting the cultural visits around the ideal Palace of the factor Cheval.

All out!

You can go out, put on your sneakers and walk quietly while breathing the good air of the Drôme des Collines and the Ardèche Verte. The beautiful days are coming!
We propose you a lot of outdoor activities: accompanied or not, free or not…
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For sportsmen and women

in the making

Choose your activity according to your desires:
* In the branches at the Oasis aventura park in Grand-Serre
* On the hiking trails to work out and take in the sights
* On a druidic site at the Roches-qui-dansent in St Barthélémy-de-Vals

These activities are perfect to do with the family. You breathe, you learn, you enjoy. Nothing very difficult, just the pleasure of being outside!

3 good ideas

of Nature outings

Outing ideas for nature lovers and “good things”.
Guides accompany you to learn even more about the Nature that surrounds us.

Idea #1Gourmet walks

Gourmet walks with Sandrine, oenologist guide, on April 21 and 28. She will walk you through the vineyards in Sarras and Arras/Rhône for a hike and then a tasting of local products.
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Idea #2Nature Walks

Nature walks with Laurie, herbalist, on April 20 and 27. She will walk you along the Galaure river starting from Hauterives to make you (re)discover the particularities of wild plants and flowers.
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Idea #3From farm to farm

On April 23 and 24, weekend of Ferme en Ferme in Drôme and Ardèche to visit the farms and be welcomed by the farmers.

Original activities

And why not try some original and fun activities?
It’s time to get out there and try out some new sensations: on a electric scooter, in the air in a hot air balloon (captive flights) or under a circus tent.
A program crafted especially for those who want to have fun!



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