Hiking in Drôme des Collines in HauterivesOk(1)
©Hiking in Drôme des Collines in HauterivesOk(1)|OT/P. Gardin
HikingThe letter carrier's round

Hiking “La tournée du facteur” in Hauterives

Young or old hikers, on your marks, get set, go! Arm yourselves to tread the paths taken by the “facteur Cheval” almost 150 years after he stumbled on the first stone that will give birth to his famous palace. A 9 km trail starting from Hauterives.

As a family:
what treasures will you find?

Let’s go for a 3 hours hike where we don’t hesitate to bring the whole family. The hike is reputed to be easy; it is not this small positive difference in altitude at the beginning of the course that will stop you because at the arrival you will be proud!

Children love to walk if they know they will find treasures on the trail! Tell them the story of the horseman who, on this path, found the stone that was the beginning of the realization of his dream.

On the steps of the letter carrier

From the parking lots in the heart of the village, we hurry, we hustle until we reach the postman’s tomb 1 km further (communal cemetery). A shaded path goes along the Galaure river and leads us there.

It is then that the dirt roads, the small tarred roads and the landscapes of the Drôme des Collines so inspiring for Ferdinand Cheval follow each other. This hike is an evocation of the real letter carrier’s tour: let’s not forget that he was doing 30 km a day!

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Between valleys and forest

A walk which alternates valleys, small ascents, Galaure river banks, forest and panorama on the hills of the Drôme. Don’t forget to turn around from time to time to admire the view!
The coolness of the forest and the river allow you to have a snack or a picnic with the children.
Check out the details of this walk: The Postman’s Tour

View from the Tower of Albon (Drôme)Patrick Gardin Tourist Office Portes de DrômArdèche on 08/05/2018 Albon, Drôme, France The walk of the tower in Albon hiking in the Drôme des collines.
©View from the Tower of Albon (Drôme)

A circuit through fields, but very often on small paved roads, which will make you discover what could be the environment of the Facteur Cheval. Maybe even some parts of the route were part of his tour!
I also like to do the walk organized every year: “La marche du facteur” on Whit Monday.

Réné, Sunday hiker