Sandrine's walks in Arras/Rhône20.07.2021. Hike in the vineyards of Arras. Porte de DrômArdèche Tourisme Patrick Gardin
©Sandrine's walks in Arras/Rhône|Patrick Gardin
Meeting a "dreamer

Sandrine DEFOUR

A passionate guide

A tour guide and tour leader in the Rhone Valley, she is passionate about history, art and terroir. She has chosen to specialize in wine tourism for our greatest pleasure.

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Sandrine Defour

I created my company Rhône Sand&tour to accompany groups and individuals on original and gourmet tours.

A desire

of fresh air

During the confinement I walked a lot and I had time to mature my project of gourmet walks in the vineyards, which was already in a corner of my mind, but that I had not had time to put in place.

The walks saw the light of day in 2020, and after a rather positive first year, I am looking forward to offering new tours in 2021.

Sandrine's walks in Arras/RhôneSandrine's walks in Arras/Rhône
©Sandrine's walks in Arras/Rhône
I create my walks by walking

My brain is always in turmoil, my legs too.
I walk a lot and I think, I try to put myself in the shoes of the future visitors.
I note, I calculate, I need a certain methodology learned during my studies, but I also give free rein to my creativity and my imagination.

A guide

who believes in his dreams

You have to trust yourself, go beyond what you think is impossible.

I didn’t think I would be able to make a living and be so fulfilled in a profession that is seasonal and that has suffered the full force of the crisis in recent years.

But I didn’t want to give up and I wanted to believe in it. And the doors opened.

I am also lucky to be well surrounded and helped in my projects.

Thank you to all the tourist offices of the territory for supporting me in this project and to the local producers who followed us in this somewhat crazy bet (coming to join me in the middle of nowhere with the tasting) and this, to give an unforgettable experience to our visitors.

we walk and we taste

Discover a territory by walking, discovering our landscapes of hills and hillsides but also by tasting and tasting the products of the region: cheeses, fruits, sweet delicacies and côtes du Rhône.
With her training in oenology, Sandrine will bring you her expertise and transmit her passion during her “Gourmet walks”.

A program of gourmet walks concocted especially for sportsmen/gastronomers between Sarras, Arras/Rhône but also on the sector of Annonay. Sometimes, the winemakers will join the tasting to talk about their work and their wines.