The tower of Arras/RhôneThe tower of Arras/Rhône
©The tower of Arras/Rhône|Patrick Gardin
Between Rhône and Saint Joseph

Stroll to the tower of Arras/Rhône

between Rhône and vineyards

An idea of a walk to see the landscape with a difference in altitude… but accessible to children if they are used to walking (from 10 years old). We start by the valley, we go up on the heights by the tower in the middle of the orchards of fruit trees and we go down again in edge of river. Valley, vineyards, forest, river and plateau! a very beautiful walk.

In the middle
of the holy jospeh

The Saint-Joseph vineyard extends on the right bank of the Rhône at the 45th parallel. It is planted on steep hillsides, shaped into terraces since antiquity. This is why the landscapes are so steep on the Ardèche side and why the grape harvest is not done with machines but by hand.

Are we talking about the view?

After crisscrossing the path through the vineyards, you arrive on the plateau. And there, you take full view: the meandering Rhone, the valley, the hydroelectric dam and the Drôme just in front. On a clear day, you can sometimes even see the Vercors in the distance, looking south.
The climb was tough but the reward is there: pause for a moment to appreciate the moment and engrave it in your memory.


Guided gourmet walks

From spring on, Sandrine DEFOUR (guide specialized in oenology) offers gourmet walks in Ardèche (Sarras, Arras/Rhône, Saint-Désirat…). A concept where hiking, lecture and good mood are mixed: a guided walk and a tasting of saint-joseph and local products (cooked pork meats, cheeses, jams…) in the vineyards or in the cellar.

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It’s a bit difficult but so beautiful. We alternate between the forest, the edge of the river, the fields of apricot trees, the vineyards and the panoramic view on the Rhône.
Good shoes, water, a hat and let’s go!
We highly recommend this hike!

Michèle and her hiking friends