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Taste the pleasures of

the chestnut

Did you know that?

The non-partitioned chestnuts are called marrons. They are grown primarily in the Rhône-Alpes region, mainly in the Ardèche region, which has been recognized as an AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) since 2005.

A simple and healthy pleasure

Chestnuts were for a long time the basis of human nutrition in entire regions because they are very nutritious. In fact, the chestnut tree was called “the breadfruit tree“. The chestnut and the marron correspond to the same dry fruit, both from the chestnut tree. The chestnut has many nutritional benefits quite important, because indeed the chestnut is generally twice as caloric as a banana. It is rich in fiber good for lowering cholesterol, rich in slow carbohydrates, but also rich in vitamin A,C and E which offer antioxidant properties. To choose a chestnut, no rules too exhaustive: choose a heavy chestnut with an unbroken bark.

Let's go for a walk

in the woods

Chestnuts are easy to recognize but be careful with your fingers when picking them: remember to take gloves and a wicker basket! The forests of Mantaille or the Chambarans in Drôme des Collines towards Hauterives are good places to pick and easily accessible. Also remember to take boots or high shoes, a bit of warm pants and a stick. The best period is from the end of September and all of October but you can find them very easily until November (depending on the weather). One last precaution: check the hunting periods and days of the area where you plan to walk.

Do not confuse itwith the brown
we eat it from

1001 ways

Everyone eats them in their own way!
You can grill them in the frying pan or in the oven for about 20 minutes. You can also cook them in water. You can also easily find excellent chestnut or chestnut cream, chestnut honey in grocery stores or at weekly markets and at the boutique of the tourist office in Hauterives

Chestnut menu at the restaurant Le Panoramic (Ozon)Chestnut menu at the restaurant Le Panoramic (Ozon)
©Chestnut menu at the restaurant Le Panoramic (Ozon)

I cook with fresh, local and seasonal products, that’s why, as soon as the chestnut season starts, I cook it and propose it in my restaurant in Ozon (Ardèche)
Some examples of dishes:

  • chestnut soup, duck foie gras and bacon cream
  • butternut and goat cheese flan, pumpkin and chestnut cream
  • risotto of chestnut breeze and Ardeche trout
  • chestnut entremet, pears in syrup and macaroon biscuit


Raymond Laffont, restaurant Le Panoramic