Temple Of Femininity at Grand-SerreTemple Of Femininity at Grand-Serre
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Meeting a "dreamer

Vincent Tournebize


Meet Vincent Tournebize at the Temple of Femininity in Grand-Serre. He will take you into his world made of roundness, softness and sincerity in the face of femininity. An incredible visit and an atypical place: a workshop in an old farmhouse typical of the Drôme countryside.

sculptor Vincent TournebizePortrait at D'argiles 2020
©sculptor Vincent Tournebize
Vincent Tournebize

Sculptor and ceramist who admires and highlights women, fertility and femininity.

Living models...

to the sculptures

He usually works from live models in motion, through which he discovers new forms of beauty, as he finds it possible to distinguish sometimes beauty in other aspects than the traditional canons. The love of nudity, the spirit of “naturalness” and the preservation of an essential authenticity remain at the center of his work and his life today.

Temple Of Femininity at Grand-SerreTemple Of Femininity at Grand-Serre
©Temple Of Femininity at Grand-Serre
A great place for dreams

The dream holds a great place in my life. Higelin wrote “I do not live my life, I dream it”. As much as possible, I put this idea into practice. My dreams have given me the impetus, courage and confidence to tackle certain projects that seemed unreasonable in the waking state, which required a good deal of unconsciousness and ingenuity to attempt the adventure.

Letting go

to create

I, for one, do not have the ability (nor the slightest desire) to “master” or even understand creativity. I think the best advice for stimulating creativity and giving freedom to the imagination is precisely not to try to stimulate it; to forget about it and let it happen. As much as possible, I prefer to free myself from injunctions that stifle the fecundity of the imagination, to deliver myself from the normalizations that we often tolerate out of weariness even in our intimacy. Letting go is obviously a primary condition for me to be more permeable to the subtle messages that emanate from the model, more available to inspiration so that it can simply pass through me. Letting go, a beautiful expression, so delicate to implement without putting yourself in too much danger. An everyday exercise, constantly renewed and reinvented in my workshop at the Grand-Serre.

Dreaming with the artist

Vincent welcomes you in all simplicity in his workshop every day if he is present and available. He talks to you about his passions: earth, femininity, nature, authenticity. For an even more magical visit… don’t hesitate to come and discover the workshop by lantern light. The statues reveal their vitality by the flame of the lanterns and the glow of the candles placed throughout the vast exhibition space.

Three magical evenings on July 13, August 17 and September 7.
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