cycling route between Drôme and Ardèchecycling route between Drôme and Ardèche
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Ride a bikebetween the Drôme and the Ardèche

Taste the pleasure of 2 wheels

Through marked loops discover our small typical pebble villages and the local heritage. Everyone will find the nature walk or the circuit according to his desire: sporty routes to be done in “cyclotourist” mode on a road bike or an electrically assisted bike with the labeled routes of the Drôme à Vélo or the permanent Ardéchoise route. For families soft routes like the Viarhôna and soon the Viafluvia (project in progress).

"Inspired Escapes:

The app for your cycling trips

The free application “LES ECHAPPEES INSPIREES” allows you to use your cell phone as a GPS. No more risk of getting lost. Enjoy your ride and fully live your emotions. While connected, download itineraries, charge your smartphone and then let yourself be guided, even offline, by the active voice GPS with photos, video… ! Thanks to geolocation, all the routes near the user are displayed on a map. All you have to do is download the selected route and let yourself be guided!

Bike ride

"The Golden Valley Tour

Want to stretch your legs? What could be better than a bike ride to discover a region.

Let’s zoom in on the N°6 bike route “Le tour de la Vallée d’or” which is part of the network of routes “La Drôme à vélo”. It’s a rather sporty route of 56 km for about 3 hours of cycling with beautiful small quiet roads between Rhône and Collines.

This loop starts gently by the ViaRhôna from Saint-Rambert-d’Albon to cross the Valloire plain between cereal crops and fruit trees and reach the village of Manthes, the church and the priory which constitute a beautiful architectural ensemble.

The road gradually rises to reach the medieval village of Moras-en-Valloire, considered the birthplace of the Valloire pear. You will enjoy the landscapes on the Valloire plain to reach the Tour d’Albon, a high place of the Dauphiné history that I invite you to discover as well as its panorama..

Spring is the ideal season to discover this route. The flowering of the fruit trees you will meet will amaze you by its colors.

More bike tours?

The Vélo en Porte de DrômArdèche are rather accessible discovery cyclos routes even if they are hilly. You will not encounter any difficulties except for some emblematic climbs like the col de Barbe bleue on Anneyron or the Montrebut between Laveyron and Saint Vallier. Some Tour de France riders remember it.

Stroll with your family? Stroll along the Viarhôna! You will enjoy about 22kms of safely laid out river without any difficulty allowing you to observe the landscapes and the numerous inhabitants (herons, swans…).

Portrait of DimitriPortrait of Dimitri
©Portrait of Dimitri

Oxygenate yourself! To exercise in the open air, I love to ride my bike. I prefer it to running, you discover more things in a minimum of time. On the way, it’s also often the occasion to stop and discover an unexpected heritage or simply enjoy the panorama.

Dimitri, 08/06/2021