brand stores in the Drôme Ardèche regionbrand stores in the Drôme Ardèche region
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Shopping and crafts

It is in Porte de DrômArdèche that you can do business! Factory outlets, a village of brands and art craftsmen’s stores. Find the rare pearl!

Shopping ideas

Get great deals at Revol Porcelaine and the Lafuma Brand Village.
In addition to the stores, watch our calendar for the annual sales.

Hand-sewn dreams

The artists and craftsmen invent, create and shape their ideas and dreams for our greatest happiness. Here, we could not live without their dreams and their poetry.

manufacture since 1768

A family factory rooted in the heart of the village of Saint-Uze in the Drôme des Collines which has remained on the historical site of creation. An incredible story for a company turned towards the future with strong and claimed ecological commitments.