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Doing your shopping well

5 tips

We always spend a pleasant moment on the markets: we take a lot of eyes, ears and nostrils! Whatever the season, it is a profusion of local products and crafts.

No list

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If you have a small list of course, take it with you, but if you have a long list, leave it at home… In the market aisles, you’ll succumb to seasonal local products that will make you crave them at every stall anyway… In addition, the merchants all warmer than the others will be delighted to advise you delicious local products to make recipes made in Drômardèche.

Take a stroll first

Buy after

If you’re not sure what to look for at the market, wander the aisles before you buy. You’ll see the different stalls and be able to compare prices from booth to booth. After scouting, start your market with heavy and less fragile purchases (examples: fish, yogurt…) and then fruits and vegetables, always in that order of weight and fragility.

Don't forget your basket!

The basket is the best solution to transport your fresh products. With a plastic bag, fresh products tend to spoil faster, baskets made of woven rush or rattan are easy to store so it may seem a good compromise. In addition, it is an ecological gesture to refuse bags…. A basket or cloth bags are reusable and so chic!


seasonal products

It is important to buy seasonal products, these will be more economical than other products coming from further away. How to recognize these products? On the Marchés de Porte de Drômardeche, all the products present on the stalls are in season. So summer and winter alike, find the year’s fresh and leading products at the stands of our favorite farmers.


This winter, buy on the market pears of the Valloire, it is the typical product of Drômardèche.

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The perfect hour

to do its market

Get organized and come to the market when it opens:

  • you’ll be able to choose the best products in peace and quiet away from the crowd
  • you will be pampered by the producers happy to welcome their very first customers
  • the products will be more than ultra fresh

Market days

Weekly markets are held in village squares throughout the year. You will find producers of local fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, cheesemakers, butchers, craftsmen …. Depending on the village, there will be more or less stands.